‚ÄčI have always had a passion for working with glass, and have found myself drawn to the beauty of how the colors bounce off the glass and the way the light shines through a finished piece. I also love working with the creative possibilities of mosaics, and experimenting with how adding beads and fond objects can add  texture and vibrance to a piece. Recently, I have been working on a series of mosaics inspired by my personal yoga practice,  and in stained glass. I have enjoyed putting my own personal touch on the hamsah (a middle eastern symbol associated with blessings, strengh and good luck). It has been so much fun exploring ways to integrate words and symbols which are meaningful to me into beautiful works of art.

 I also relish the opportunity to help others bring their unique vision to life, and have created a variety of commissioned pieces in both stained glass and mosaic.

I recently retired from a 30 year career as an art educator in local schools, where I was continuously inspired to cultivate my own creative side by helping children and teenagers develop theirs.  Although I will miss helping students to experiment with materials and discover the joy in creating, I am excited for the opportunity to fully devote myself to my creative practice and to see where it leads me next!

I hope you enjoy exploring my work!